Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Break in the Windy City

I went to Chicago in March for my spring break. We traveled by train on the Amtrack's Emire Builder. I had a fabulous time walking the busy streets and taking in the sights at the Museum of Science and Industry and the Museum of Natural History. My parents and I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo which is beautiful and completely free! I just love to spend a long weekend in Chicago but could never live in this city. I'll take sounds of Spring Peepers and acre upon acre of trees over the city sights any day.

{I found a vegetarian Chicago dog!!!}

{The Jensen's}


{Meerkats at the Lincoln Park Zoo}

{The Conservatory}

{Me and the Bean}

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  1. Fun stuff! That hotdog looks so good right now! That womans fly fishing trip looks fun, I think my neice is in town that weekend so I have to run it by my sister. She might be open to coming along...