Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The act of transformation

{my weathered Lake Superior gems}

{Lake Superior beach glass creation}

I find beach glass to be one of the most wonderful little treasures that can be found washed up on the sandy beaches of Lake Superior. For me beach glass is more than just some old, broken, and warn 7 Up or Milk of Magnesia bottle. No it is more than that. Beach glass represents an unknown time when someone enjoyed something that was housed in some form of glass container. For more unknown reasons this glass container was broken and ended up around or in Lake Superior. For a given length of time Lake Superior worked its magic on these small pieces of glass. The waves beat upon it and worked in unison with the sand to transform the glass into something new. Smooth and worn beach glass.

For me it comes down to the fact that every piece of beach glass that finds its way in to my hands has a story to tell. The best that I can do is to guess at where it came from and the journey Lake Superior has taken it on.

As I work towards transforming the beach glass yet again in to something new I find myself thinking of the waters of Lake Superior and the ability it has to transform and recreate. Lake Superior takes broken shards of glass and transforms them in to something smooth which can no longer cut or make bleed. Now that's power.