Monday, June 22, 2009

Post marathon blues...

After completing Grandma's Marathon on Saturday I felt great to have made it over the coveted finish line. I never thought I would have ran three full marathons at this point in my life. Physically, I was cramped up, exhausted, and drained.

A few days after the race my legs became less tight and I began to return to my post race condition. I also find myself experiencing a feeling of the blues. Although it is the last thing I thought I would have experienced I can understand why I feel this way. I anticipated and prepared for the marathon for nearly a year beforehand. I ran, and ran, and ran all for one race on one day. During the running of the race the time certainly did not necessarily feel as though it was flying by but the marathon came and went with the passing of a weekend day. The race was over and all of the preparation had evaporated into the hot and humid air.

I believe that it is completely normal to experience a case of the blues with the passing of a big event, race, vacation, or holiday. I think that one just needs to let the blues run its course and also look forward to other things and to new events and activities. I am currently having a great time staying with my sister and my three little nephews. I look forward to a summer fishing trip with good friends, to getting a puppy sometime, and to running a triathlon and marathon this fall. I have found the prescription to take care of my blues......

Monday, June 8, 2009

Canadian Smallmouth

Luke and I recently returned from a fabulous fishing trip up to his family's cabin in Canada. We fly fished for smallmouth bass and caught many. It was, hands down, the best bass fishing I have ever experienced.