Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November Doldrums

I am currently experiencing what I like to refer to as the end of fall to beginning of winter transitional doldrums. I think most Duluthians understand what I am referring to here. Mother nature appears to be edging away from fall but is not quite ready to give us winter quite yet. I find myself having a harder and harder time getting out of bed when my alarm, a.k.a Mesa (our yellow lab pup), yelps for us to get up already! I have to work a little harder to put on the running gear and head out for early morning runs now. And finally, the telltale skin has nearly fully returned to its pale pale natural state.

It is because of this that I decided to take a look at some of the fishing highlights from this past spring and summer. Browsing through my pictures always gets me revved up for another season of monster bass fishing in Canada, hunting down the elusive muskie at Vermilion, and drifting the moving waters for the river trout. Before I can do that though I need to focus on shreddin' the gnar up at Spirit! hahaha....

{The Brule in fall}

{A float down the Gunnison with Rob}

{A beauty of a brown}

{Mesa slept his way down the Brule}

{It's a tough life guiding...}

{Cast # 10,001 and still no fish}

{A perfect evening to hunt muskies}

{The best fishing I have ever experienced}

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