Sunday, January 17, 2010

Years in the making...

Shortly after I met Luke he got an IndoBoard as a Christmas gift. I took one look at it and said "no way." Luke and Laddie did some awesome tricks on the IndoBoard and this was even more reason for me to stay away. Since then I have started snowboarding and have continued to try to take up long boarding. I may have to throw in the towel on that one. Maybe I really am too tall and clumsy to truly long board. Time will tell.

However, I have recently faced my fears and conquered (somewhat) the IndoBoard! I now realize that it wasn't an enemy to fear aferall all. This is a great tool to work on my balance and focus on the muscles that I use snowboarding. I hope to also use it to do exercises as well. It's a great addition to any workout. I know now this. It has only taken me three years to realize it.

Check out this cool video.

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